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By James Dowdeswell

Carrie Fisher once said “The saddest two words in the English language are What Party?”

Had she played FPL, she might have said, “International Break.”

In the last two weeks I’ve suffered from severe IBS - International Break Stress.

So good to be back!

There was however, one shining light. During the International Break I met up with the delightful Ross (@FPLMerch). I happened to be doing a comedy gig down in Devon, near his home town.

We had never met before, just chatted online, so it was kinda like a blind FPL date. Instead of a red rose, we both carried a print out of the Season Ticker, and I first spied Ross first through my XG glasses. (I imagine the same glasses Joe from FFScoutcast has been recently sporting).

In all seriousness, Ross is a top guy, and it was an absolute pleasure to meet someone from the FPL Community. We had a laugh, a few beers and didn’t even chat too much FPL. As they say on Channel 4’s First Dates “I’d be very happy to see him again.”

Forget the “Football Friends” shout out from The Inbetweeners’, we’re now FPL Friends.

As the “FPL Friends” song goes…

“So no one told you FPL was gonna be this way

Your team’s a joke, you're broke

Your twitter’s DOA

It's like you're always stuck on last week’s haul.

When it hasn't been your day, your gameweek,

Or even your season, but

I'll be there for you

When your rank starts fall

I'll be there for you

(We’ve all captained Havertz before)

I'll be there for you

('Cause you're there for me too)

I may have gotten carried away there!

Some folk tolerated the International Break by taking a total break from football, which is totally understandable. But imagine the shock clicking back online to see Dean Smith dressed up in yellow and green like a Canary, Eddie Howe waxing lyrical about the Fraser Wilson link up at Newcastle, and Steven Gerard chalking up his plans for Aston Villa.

Gameweek 12 started with a bang for Chelsea, especially those owning Rüdiger (14 pts) James (12 pts) and Chilwell (9 pts). But unfortunately poor Chilwell is injured. For me, it’s a no brainer. Alonso incoming.

The famous new manager bounce was there for all to see. I was excited to see the new era under Steven Gerrard. When that first Ollie Watkins goal went in, the passion Gerard showed in pumping the air in celebration was palpable. When Villa haven’t heard a good fixture run, Watkins could be the Villa go to asset.

Like many fans I was sad to see Dean Smith go, so pleased to see them grab a win against Southampton.

Newcastle’s 3-3 draw was a step forward with Saint Maximin grabbing a goal, an assist and two bonus points. He thought Bruce was a nice guy, so should thrive under Nice Guy Eddie. With three goals scored, it was disappointing to see potential transfer target Wilson fail to make the scoresheet.

Ranieri’s Watford had an incredible win at Manchester United, which prompted Ole’s sacking. Can new interim manager Michael Carrick reignite Man Utd’s assets? A trip to Chelsea is a tough place to start.

During our meet up, Ross confessed to doubling up on Kane and Son. Will Turf Moor be the place to kickstart Conte’s reign?

Exciting times for FPL ahead of the busy festive season.

Good luck everyone and green arrows to all.

James Dowdeswell is a comedian, author, and now Official FPL Football Friend of Ross.

Twitter @jamesdowdeswell

Instagram @dowdeswell_drinks_well

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