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The Best FPL Trophies in the UK

The Fantasy Premier League (FPL) for some is a lifetime sport. Cutting your teeth in a School league, gearing up the stakes at Uni where the aim of the game is to not finish last for fear of brutal forfeits. All this in preparation for your adulthood and bossing your work league year in year out. It would be naive to think that promotions haven't been made solely on a persons fantasy football dominance.

I started FPL Merch because I found no real site out there which deals exclusively in making these leagues legendary. Living in the US opened my eyes in how the game of fantasy football should be played. Huge trophy's passed around year on year, loser prizes for the last placed player and a massive draft day party. It's no casual event. It provides smack talk for a whole year! All FPL leagues should have this same level of fun and excitement.

After searching far and wide for the best suppliers and manufacturers I now feel that FPL Merch provides the best selection of mini league trophies available. I want to take this opportunity to show you my full trophy collection and the sometimes excruciating process it too to get to the fin product...

The Timeless one

This Champions League style trophy with added name plates gives any competitive league with a dynastical mindset. Don't dominate your league for just one season, have the base plastered with your name on it EVERY season! The engravings can cover the date, winners name and even the team name each season and can be purchased from us every season.

This trophy is 43cm in hight and over 2kg in weight, making it a standout piece for a standout season.

It took me around 6 months to find a trophy according to my standards. As you are here right now I am sure you are struggling just as I did. There are a lot of cheap plastic crud out there and even though at the end of the day a trophy could be made out your son's poopy diapers in a paper mâché style cup, it wouldn't be any less desirable to raise above your head in victory over your peers at the end of the season. But why not have both, the sweet victory and the awesome trophy to show for it.

I wanted to find a trophy as mighty as possible, yet still keeping it classy. One where you can engrave the bottom but in a stylish way. Which looks like legit solid silver but all for under £100. It took me quite a long time to find said trophy but I think I nailed it. I don't want to toot my own horn but toot toot.

The Golden Arrow Award

This one is a right beaut of an award. Actually it is one of my favourites (Top 6 at least). Ideal for any office leagues this award comes with customised league name so you and your office can enjoy this for a whole season before the winner takes away his well earned prize.

This award is made from a matt black acrylic with clear acrylic centre and black with gold 3D trim dimensions stand at 160mm x 180mm x 18mm.

The design is inspired by the golden medal in the marathon. Yes I know its not as enduring as running a marathon it can certainly feel like it at times. The golden arrow's design symbolises the move up the ranks to get to the very top. Wow I sound like a douche right now!

The Modern one

I collaborated with a member of the community @fpl_lionshead on this one.

who is an expert 3D designer. Again I wanted to make something a little different and more stylish to what else is around, all while keeping it reasonably priced. We went through revision after revision on this one, first with the colours and then changing the wording from going across horizontally to vertically which we fell in love with. All in all this project too about 3 months to make from concept to real product in my hand.

This trophy is 23cm tall and we used some of the FPL style colours to jazz it up a bit. At this height It makes an impact, but it's not going to tower above everything else you own. Sort of like Diogo Jota. I mean look at it in action (Not a paid actor, this is his genuine reaction to winning last years mini-league)...

You too could have the same pure enjoyment with this trophy, if you are any good that is. But even if not, it's not a bad reward to keep your league mates active over all season long!

With every order we include a free engraving to stamp your name, team name and league name on. If you were to order one before the season finished then we will send the engraving separately at the end of season.

Even though this isn't necessary, we feel that personalisation adds that extra sense of pride for the winner. One to look back longingly in years to come embarrassed by your team name being How I met your Mata at the time.

We sold out of our 20/21 batch in the first few months but we have bought plenty more of the 21/22 version this season.

The Girthy one

I wanted to create something a little different to the whole trophy style to to add a bit of variety in my trophy collection. I saw a lot of plaques were used in the corporate scene so that is what inspired me to make this glass plaque

Made with 18mm thick glass and a 13x9cm dimension, this plaque is fully customisable to include your name, team name and league name on top of the FPL style background. I personally love this weighty little thing and it looks great on a shelf or office desk if I do say so myself. Again I didn't want to compromise on quality but keep the price as reasonable as possible, I mean the picture below shows the true thickness of this plaque.

Now if a trophy or a plaque isn't your think or better still if you want to supplement a trophy with some cheeky little winners apparel then this Hoodie is for you.

Inspired by these types of prizes from our sister game (NFL Fantasy) winners' apparel is quite a popular prize but this hoodie goes one further... We can add your league name to the design! It really is a unique piece. Designed by another member of the community, Alex Vollo (@alexvollo) we wanted to make something a little different, a bit edgy but classy at the same time. The gold crown was an important touch

I would say you can wear this out in the street in pride but I wear my hoodie on a chilled out Sunday afternoon watching the games in style! At the end of the day I am foremost a FPL addict and so these product I make is ones id want to get my hands on at the end of a long hard fought season.

The Custom Mug

Sometimes the simplist prize is the best.

A favourite since day one, this modest price still boasts pride whoever you drink it infront of. Whether it be in your office infront of your peers or simply ruin your wife's (or Husbands) Feng Shui on the mug display cabinet. I'm sure all of these appeal to you.


Designed by another member of the community this collection of three different Mini-League winner mugs is fully customisable to include your name, team name and league name alike with three different designs to choose from.

So there you have it. Thanks so much for reading this far. It means a lot to share my designs with this amazing community. love you all x

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