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Playing the Mild Card

Guinness famously declared “Good things come to those who wait.” They have a point. The FPL world is pretty fast paced and the Wildcard is burning a hole in my back pocket, but sometimes the best cause of action is to be patient.

I love the Wildcard. But it means very different things for very different players.

If you are totally behind everyone else, it’s the perfect tool to reboot your season.

However, I prefer to hold the Wildcard in reserve, like a get out of jail free card. It gives me the opportunity to take some risks, knowing if all else fails, I’ve got the Wildcard. It also means I can take a punt on short-term picks. Jumping on the Sarr bandwagon for a few weeks is a great example of this.

I love the mini Wildcard. Or as I call it, “Playing The Mild Card.” Reckon this might appeal to famously cautious FPL pundit, Joe Lepper, from the Scoutcast.

This week I have taken -8 and transferred out the following:

Archer ➡️ Antonio

Torres ➡️ Sarr

Raphinha ➡️ Townsend

Nearly wild carded. But held firm!

Enjoy the game, and unless you’re riding high, have fun with your transfers and Take A Walk On The Mild Side.

James Dowdeswell is a comedian and author of “The Pub Manifesto: A Comedian Stands Up For Pubs”

Instagram @dowdeswell_drinks_well

Twitter @jamesdowdeswell

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