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GW4 - CRISTAL Ronaldo Has Landed

I saw Ronaldo play live once. It was February 2006, an FA Cup fifth round tie at Anfield. Ronaldo was attacking the Kop End, where I sat with my comedian friend Rob Heeney. Up close, and in the flesh, this tricky winger looked much taller and bigger than I expected. Ronaldo looked like a 100m sprinter. He was lightning fast and executed a blur of step overs and lollipops.

I also recall the Anfield pitch announcer declaring “We normally do the birthdays now, but I don’t think we’ll bother today.” A huge roar went up. It was Gary Neville’s birthday!

When comparing FPL Players to booze, CRISTAL Ronaldo would have to be a Vintage Champagne. This is a player in a glass of his own, fizzed up and ready to pop.

After a few days of Twitter buzz, FPL towers declared Ronaldo at £12.5m, but to many he’s priceless, and I couldn’t resist buying an early sip.

The current CRISTAL Ronaldo vintage is 36 years old, grown in Portugal, blended in Manchester, matured in Madrid, cellared in Turin, before being finally decanted in Manchester.

Like all older wines, he might need to time to breathe before the true magic is revealed.

There were branding copyright issues with the CR7 Cuvée and another Uruguayan sparkling wine. “Edison CAVAni”

CAVAni was already labelled as the No.7 vintage at Man U, what would Ronaldo be in? My first thought was 007, shaken not stirred.

I believe CRISTAL Ronaldo has been imported to be showcased regularly in the Premier League, complete the CR7 legacy and to break more records. For that reason alone, CRISTAL Ronaldo could be FPL gold.

I bought my CRISTAL for a minus four hit. Although in a slightly maverick move, I’ve also kept my trusty Bottle of Brunello Di Fernando to serve alongside.

As they say in Portugal, Saúde!

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