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Gameweek 2: Holding “Gundo Can” and “Gold Ings”

By James Dowdeswell

FPL Season 21/22 opened with a bang, two huge hauls from Bruno and Salah. All talk of differential picks was blown out of the water, as the two most popular premium assets delivered big time.

To use a beer analogy, it was a week to ignore the quirky temptations of the craft beer fridge and tuck into a classic cask ale like Harvey’s Best, Timothy Taylor’s Landlord, or even a Guinness. Then kick back, sup your pint, and watch the points roll in.

Gameweek 2 is shaping up to be a game of stick or twist. If FPL players were beers, this week’s considerations are:

Gundo Can (Man City £7.5m) Ordered this German gem at the start of the season, especially for the Norwich game, but the batch was damaged in Tottenham. Many have switched to Greenwood IPA, but I’m holding on to my can of Gundo and hoping Pep unleashes him on Saturday.

Gundo is integral to Man City. If he’s available for the Norwich game, great, if not, I still have 2 free transfers. More importantly, if he bangs, he might be a huge differential.

Gold Ings (Aston Villa £8.0m) Goldings is one the finest English hops from Kent. Danny proved his worth as a key FPL ingredient last week.

Aston Villa were 3-1 down away to Watford. They were granted a penalty in the 97th min. Ings stepped up for his first penalty in Claret and Blue and converted. Including bonus, he scored an extra 5 points from absolutely nowhere. That’s FPL gold!

Coincidentally, I was listening on the radio whilst driving towards Birmingham on the Aston Expressway. When the goal was announced I almost turned off to do a lap around Villa Park, but settled for firing a salute out of the window.

Although Aston Villa are yet to find their feet post Grealish, I feel Ings is a diamond in the rough.

Toney’s Brentford Pride (Brentford £6.5m) Following a phenomenal breakout year in the Championship, Toney arrived with a great pedigree. Like most premium cask ales, it can take a while to settle, but worth waiting for. Patience could be richly rewarded away to Crystal Palace.

Romelu Lager Queue (Chelsea £11.5 m) This bold Belgian is pure Duvel: a premium, with a stamp of quality and deceptively strong. Was full bodied, but after a spell in Italy, has returned livelier, leaner and sharper than ever.

It’s not a question of if we buy him, but when. Although at a whopping 8.5% alc, you’ll need major surgery or a few lower session ales to accommodate him. Might require two hits or a wildcard. All eyes will be on him when he is unveiled at this weekend’s London Derby.

Last week my team felt conservative and yet yielded 109 points. This week it’s the same again, and I’m rolling my transfer.

Here’s hoping I can raise a trusty pint of Gold Ings, with a steely can of Gundo in reserve.

Whatever you decide, drink it in and enjoy the FPL ride.


James Dowdeswell.

(Comedian and Author of ‘The Pub Manifesto:

A Comedian Stands Up For Pubs’)

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