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FPL Gameweek 22: Free Hit Or Bog Off?

The Blog comparing FPL Players to Beers.

By James Dowdeswell

Going into GW22, here’s the hot FPL picks and how they compare to beers. With the pressure of fixture pile ups, Covid and cancellations, this is no time for Dry January.

These Double Game Week players can all BOG OF. (Buy one get one free).

“Madd Is On Fire IPA” (6.9% alc.) Brewed In Leicester. A streaky cask beer. If you catch a good barrel at the right time, this set piece beer will deliver the pints and the occasional worldy.

“Christ No Ronald” (12.5% alc.) A unique Portuguese super strength beer, now brewed in Manchester, is tasty, yet unpredictable. Capable of huge drunken highs and horrendous hangover lows.

“No Son It’s Harry Kane Time” (12.2% alc.) This beer needs to be positioned front and centre in order to get the best service. Don’t want to be dropping deep into the cellar to retrieve the pints.

“Dennis The Menace” (6.1% alc) or “Josh The ViKing” (5.8% alc) - Although the first is more popular, these two Watford lagers are fairly interchangeable. People tend to pick one brand and stick to it. Although mixing your drinks could pay off this Double Gameweek.

But don’t forget the single Gameweek options.

“Jero Boam” (6.7% alc) A Jeroboam is a 3 litre bottle of champagne and many including myself were toasting Bowen’s brace against Norwich, along with a side order of Soufal.

“Trent Ale Ale” (8.4% alc) So good they named him twice.

Finally, don’t be disheartened if your team is struggling, we all are. Before the Hammers’ heroics on Wednesday night, my overall rank had plummeted, but I've still had fun with it. If you focus on your Mini Leagues rather than overall rank, you’ll soon see we’re all in the same leaky boat.

I started playing FPL as a way of reconnecting with old Uni mates as part of a Mini League, so I’ve always seen it as a social game.

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