Who to Captain in FPL for Gameweek 18 - Data Only

When choosing your captain over the last few weeks, it has been fairly easy to say the least. Of course as fantasy managers we second guess everything and choosing a captain is no different. Always captain Vardy should have been the motto of late. In fact, if you captained Vardy every gameweek this season, it would have given you a massive 266 points. So should we keep the faith in Mr. WKD or maybe we should take the bull by the horns and think out the box a little? Lets compare a few potential candidates. We are going to focus on raw data and only reveal the players names at the end. All images are brought to you by Fantasy Football Hub. Quite frankly the best place to go to for raw FPL data. These stats shown are over the last 4 home or away gameweeks depending on the player's GW18 fixture...


Player A


Player B



Player C

Player D


Player E


What can we see from this


Player B really does set the tone with a whopping 51 points from his last 4 games. He also leads the way in Big chances with 10, 6 more than the next highest!! Player B leads the pack in nearly every other key stat: Shots in the Box (16), Shots on Target (13), Touches in Box (36) and Shots (T 1st 17).


The only area Player B does not lead the way is xA where player D leads with 2.36 and player A not far behind with 2.26. Player D also leads the way in assists (4) 2 more than any other player. Player D comes up second to Player B in xPts (29.75 from 39.33) though Player C is not far behind (28.75)


So it looks like player B runs away with the data stats and Player D is not too far behind. 


The Big Reveal 

Player B is of course Jamie Vardy. No surprises there but it is impressive how dominant his stats currently are. We all think of Vardy being a bit of an anomaly, where he greatly over performs his stats, a stat buster as such. That is just is not the case this season. The guy is just on another level right now and up against a leaky Man City defense prone to the same type of counter attacks Leicester City is renown for. For this reason Vardy should be at the top of the captaincy polls but currently he isn't. At time of writing Vardy is ranked 7th on FF Scouts captaincy poll. This almost makes Vardy a differential to captain this week.


Player D is Heung Min Son. He is a clear second in stats and is a serious option for captaincy this week.

The player currently ranked #1 captaincy choice this week is Player C, Marcus Rashford. Player A is Jimenez and Player E is Delle Alli. 


Jiminez, Son, Rashford are currently ranked ahead of Vardy for this weeks top cap option. It's certainly makes you think whether the most logical choice is staring you straight in the eye.


Peace out.



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