Liverpool Assets for Gameweek 24 - Double attack or Double Defense

With our first Double Gameweek of the season a matter of weeks away, the time is now to prepare our team for the fun and games that befall week 24. In this article we will look into which three Liverpool assets are essential for our team... 


Player Stats




It’s pretty clear what elite talent lies in Liverpool; Salah, Mane, Trent and Robbo being the tipple of choice. Each player is compared to using 6 key statistics; FPL points, Goals, Assists, Bonus points, Shots and Attempted assists.These stats are taken from away games only (as Liverpool play two away games in the DGW). As it is quite difficult to compare between defenders and forwards these stats are quite universally applicable for both.

It’s pretty clear TAA competes with Mane and Salah in all counts apart from shots and he even leads the way in total FPL points (helped ofcourse by the massive 24 point haul v Leicester) assists, big chances created and penalty action areas (141 WOW!!). Out of the 9 games TAA has played in, he has had either a goal or assist 7 times, that's nearly one per game! So it’s fair to say we all need Trent Alexander-Arnold as the foundation of our GW24 team. Get him in at all costs!!

Now on to the others... It’s very noticeable how low Salah’s points are. With just one goal, 3 assists and 2 bonus points away from home this year it is quite concerning, the only disclaimer is that Salah has only played 7 away games this year compared to Mane’s 8 and the others 9.

On the other scale Mane has scored the most goals out of everyone this season with 4 and Robbo leads the way in bonus with 9. Manè should be considered the safer choice compared to Salah, ahead of him in Goals (4-1), Bonus points (8-2) and Penalty action areas (33-18) while the two are level in Assists (3-3) and big chances created (3-3). Therefore Mane also makes our GW24 team.

So the decision really should be our 3rd Liverpool asset: Mo Salah or Andy Robbertson. Lets look into the sword v shield options:


Shield Pick  - Mo Salah


Sword Pick - Mo Salah


 You must think that I have made some sort of auto correct mistake here but hear me out...


Say the majority of active managers are going to captain, dare, triple captained  Salah or Mané. By owning both players will essentially protect you from the managers triple captaining the player you don't have, therefore limiting your losses and maximizing your gains. The fact that Robbo isn't so much of a captaincy option means that if he hauls you won't drop in the rankings as much as if Salah hauls.


Salah also becomes a Sword pick because only around 4.9% of all managers in the game own both Salah and Mane. We both know that these two players tend to haul individually (they famously don’t usually assist each other) So by owning both you can spread your bets. 


How the games fared last season

Liverpool beat Wolves 2-0 in the same fixture at Molineux last season with Salah returning with a goal and assist. The game at the London Stadium finished 1-1 with Mane scoring Liverpool's lone goal, further proving how the two tent to haul on separate occasions.

At the end of the day no one really knows which strategy is going to turn out best, I mean this is fantasy after all, but the absolute best way to go about this is to choose your strategy, execute it and move on to more pressing matters in your team. 




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