Aguerooooo or AguerNO for Gameweek 26

Aguero is one of the best forwards to have played in the Premier League, so it comes as no surprise that you would see an article like this, but Aguero is kinda being overlooked and here is the only reason why...

AgUeRo CoUld GeT rOtAtEd.

It is a real worry though. Hey, I don't like it as much as the next person but this can also be used as a positive for the savvy fantasy player. As someone who is playing catch-up this season, risk taking is a must and to profit from peoples doubts; there is nothing better.

Of course, it can backfire. So is picking Aguero for Gameweek 26 that much of a ris? Let's assess...

First is Aguero a better pick than some in similar price range??

Aubameyang v Aguero


Well, it isn't really close is it. In the last four starts from both players we can see Aguero destroy Aubameyang in nearly every attacking stat there is and by some margin. 

What about their Gameweek 26 fixtures though? Which one is better?? 

It is very interesting to see both West Ham and Newcastle are right up there in the top 2 for expected goals conceded over the last 5 games. Newcastle are very much over performing their XGC of 10.89 with only actually conceding 6 goals in 6. It is West Ham who is top of the charts in goals conceding (11) and XGC of 11.44 though they have played one extra game than the rest. Let's consider this round a draw.

Team Stats

Ok, here is where there is a clear difference in data. Manchester City have a better XG than Liverpool who have played one more game to the Sky Blues.

On the other hang Arsenal rank in the bottom 5 for XG over the last 6. That is a shocking difference between the two.

The Aguero Rotation Risk Dilemma

So Aguero is prone to rotation, especially once the Champions league starts back up again. You would think they would prioritise now that Liverpool seem to have run away with the league. It is also reasonable to say Aguero is Pep's favoured forward so a priority on the Argentine playing in most Champions league games would be probable. 

But the West Ham game is a Week after the Tottenham game which he only played 63 mins in (still had an XG of 1.00 for that game) and then he gets 2 weeks off. It's interesting to note that Aguero has come back from a holiday this season and Pep has deemed him unfit to play, handing Jesus the start. This happened after the second International break which Aguero is not a part of, choosing to spend two weeks sunning himself in Miami. The importance would be to keep Aguero match fit and so playing him in this match makes the most sense.

The Decision   

Out of the two, I am going to bring in and captain Aguero over Aubameyang this week, with a probable transfer out the week after. Picking Aguero is very short term, but risks need to be taken at this point and this is an optimum risk reward ratio we should all be thinking about.


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